Active Websurvey is web-based survey software designed to easily create customize surveys, polls, or questionnaires. It generates the survey HTML, allows you to send surveys to a targeted group and interpret survey results in real-time. The complete source code is included. Uses Access or MS SQL database.

  • Single Form Survey Single Form Survey with Results
  • Evaluation Survey with Multiple Section and Points System
  • Multi-branching Survey Sample
  • Column Pivot Survey
  • Customized Product Survey


  • Evaluation Survey with Multiple Section and Points System
  • Download data to Excel,Access DB
  • New Survey Wizard
  • New Reports
  • Monthly Quarterly Year to Date Advance Survey Report
  • Combine Surveys Report web based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) survey editor
  • New question types - date and number Allows replacement values
  • Set Maximum number of Respondents per Survey
  • Ranking Question Types
  • Import Survey Questions from XML file
  • Uses Flash Pie Chart
  • Allow Surveyees to change their answer within a specified number of days
  • Browser based user interface
  • Create unlimited user accounts with password
  • Create multiple survey forms with one account
  • Create unlimited questions per survey
  • Multi-branching survey questionnaire
  • Customize look for each Survey
  • Question can be classified as a required to answer
  • Allows rating, checkbox, multiple choice, list box and text questions
  • Survey Wizard allows you to import survey forms from text files
  • Automatically generates the survey HTML Validates survey forms
  • Select questions and data filtering of reports
  • Real time consolidated reports ie. multi-graph, java pie chart, java bargraph, likert scale, raw data, or text delimited
  • E-mail notification of new survey responses
  • Optional user registration before answering a survey


  • Private Assembly DLL only
  • Customization Fee $80/hour
  • 2 months free upgrade
  • Includes the full source code
  • Customization Fee $40/hour
  • 6 months free upgrade
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